Kombucha…ahhhh…Life’s Good Moments…

YES Kombucha’s are THAT GOOD! I so look forward to my daily Kombucha around 2:30 or 3:00 every afternoon or after a good run on the weekends. They do so many good things for the body, taste yummy (ok an acquired taste…but there are different flavors…) & curve your appetite so you don’t over snack and are hungry for a good evening meal.


It DOES matter what brand of Kombucha you buy. Opt for GT’s Kombucha. My favorite flavors are: Multi-Green, Cosmic Cranberry, Strawberry, Ginger-berry & Citrus. They have a natural effervescent so DO NOT open them in your car…

Here is why they are Amy Approved:
*Contain all of your B Vitamins
*Curves your appetite & sweet tooth
*Contain all whole / pure ingredients
*100% Organic & raw = unprocessed, uncooked, unpasteurized
*Contain folic acid
*Contain probiotics = improves digestion
*Contain antioxidants & organic acids
*Taste great
*LOVE the “fizzy”!
*Contain electrolytes
*pH balances your body
*Low in calories – only 60 per bottle & 2-4 grams of sugar

You will find this drink at any local health food store (not found at Trader Joe’s) for about $2.99 per bottle. They must stay refrigerated to preserve the probiotics.


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