Coconut Oil – The Miracle Drug!

EAT YOUR COCONUT OIL!  So many people think it is unhealthy due to it’s fat content, but this is quite 0pposite.  They are finding that it is reversing, preventing & curing Alzheimer’s, Dementia etc.

Just make sure it is PURE coconut oil & UNREFINED Organic is best.  Some of the cheaper brands have hydrogenated oil in them which is transfat (a man made fat) = BAD!  So the only ingredient should be Organic Coconut Oil.  You will pay about $10-12 per jar.  It is worth it!  You can suate, add to your warm cereals, coat your meat, bake & much more!

Here is a powerful video that was shown on CBN News:
Click here:

I typically buy my coconut oil here at or on  Or you will find it at any local health food store like New Frontiers,  Whole Foods or Grande Foods.

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