Trainer Advice…

A few words of advice from Amy:

*Your dinner should consist of a protein, (fish, chicken, lean beef, lean pork, bison etc..) as many veggies as you would like & a fat source (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil etc..) ONLY.  SKIP the grains, breads, white potatoes, tortillas, rice etc…

*ZERO night eating.  Once the dinner is over the kitchen is CLOSED.  Intermittent periods of fasting will help you lose weight.  Be DONE at 6:30 with dinner and give your body a 12 hour fast.

*INTENSITY is key to weight loss.  Don’t just do long slow cardio… Do 5-8 one minute “fast” intervals to rev that metabolism.

*Start your day with ACV or lemon in a tall glass of water.

*JUICE – carrot / apple juice is AWESOME for your gut health which is directly related to your overall health.

*Eat protein at all 3 meals.  Try to eat animal protein at least 2 times per day.

*Eat your meals at planned times.  Intermittent snacking will only lead to weight gain.  Let your digestive system have a break in between meals.

*Get outside.  The mountains, trails, parks & roads are my therapy.  Soak up some vitamin D and take your workouts outside.  Mostly on the weekends!

*SLEEP – aim for at least 7-9 hours per night.

*Circuit training will help you get lean & mean! Running & circuit combo’d together does amazing things for your fitness!!

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