Happy Thanksgiving – A Day of Gratitude!!

Be THANKFUL for everything that surrounds you today.  Your family, good energy, CLEAN food, friends, laughs, the sunshine, running partners, love, football, fun & the quality of your day.  So many people always want what they don’t have.  Take a look around you and be THANKFUL for what you already have.

Amy’s tip of the day:
*EXERCISE – wake up before everyone else & MOVE MOVE MOVE!
*Eat a plate of food (yes whatever you want) but DON’T go for seconds… *Eat a piece of pie but cut it in half…
*If you are going to drink like a fish…Eat like a bird!

Are you ready for the holiday season? Don’t wait until January 2nd to get fit – I CHALLENGE you to be more fit BEFORE the holidays than after. Lose those 2 pounds NOW, cut out dairy NOW, skip dessert NOW, do the last 3 reps NOW. Start TODAY!

ENJOY your Thanksgiving holiday!!

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