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555002_10200758688233322_230555633_nWaking up an hour earlier to make sure you get in your workout is NOT easy.  But if we all took the easy road we would be fat, lazy, unsuccessful and unfulfilled.  Those times when you don’t feel like rocking your circuit at least accomplish one round.  Simple disciplines practiced daily will lead you to success.  NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Warm-up 5-10 minutes EASY
Internal / External Rotation with a band (rotator cuff warm-up)

2-3 rounds with 1 minute rest after completing each round

Sissy Squat Jumps x 20 (feet together & butt to ankles)
Push-up / Reach / Reach x 15
DB SL Dead Lifts (for your hamstrings) x 15
DB Shoulder Press (palms facing each other) x 15
DB Inner Thigh Plie Jump / Pulses (hold the DB’s straight down) x 20
Plank Hip Drops x 20
DB Reverse Fly’s x 15
Tricep Push-ups x 10

If you want a bit more cardio built in SPRINT a 1/4 mile (or 2 minutes of alternative cardio) in between each round!!!

3-5 minutes of YOGA & DONE!!!

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