A quick circuit for this crazy holiday season!

Photo25The holiday season is underway and I know it’s VERY easy to “skip” a workout or three as there is more on your plate than usual.  Please know that ANY movement is better than NO movement.  After your run or cardio I challenge you to pick 3 exercises and run through them 3 times.  It will activate your fast twitch muscles which will “stoke” your metabolism.  It will also help keep you STRONG  & lean during this crazy holiday season.  Here are a few examples:

Jump Lunges x 20
Tricep Burpee’s w/ Jump Tuck x 10
Plank Hip Drops x 20
(repeat 3 times)

Plie Jump Squats x 20
Push-up x 10
Side Plank x 15 each side
(repeat 3 times)

Walking Lunges w/ Butt Kick x 20
Pike Push-ups x 10
Seated Russian Twists w/ Weight x 20
(repeat 3 times)

Glut Raises on Stability Ball (legs straight – tummy on ball) x 20
Wall Sit x 1 min
Stability Ball Crunches x 20
(repeat 3 times)

DB Stiff Legged Dead Lift w/ Upright Row x 15
DB Lateral Raise x 15
“V” ups (seated) x 20
(repeat 3 times)

These are just a few examples but will make a world of difference in your overall strength, body fat, mental state & feeling of accomplishment!!!  So after your cardio session always save a few extra minutes for a quick circuit!!!


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