2020 GOALS – Circuit TIME!!

If I am currently training you or have in the past you know that I DO NOT believe in New Year resolutions simply because they DO NOT WORK.  I am about FITNESS FOR LIFE; however, with that being said, it is OK to re-evaluate your goals, set new ones and give yourself a fresh start.  My once a week circuit can help you do this!!!

Making YOU time (even a quick 20-30 minutes) on a daily basis will help you lead a life full of energizing health and a fitness level you can maintain and manage with ease.  Take action TODAY as YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!  My group circuit class is a once a week guaranteed workout that will rev your metabolism, create muscle confusion (which helps achieve results), challenge your body and mind and increase your muscle endurance and strength.  Here are the details:

I am running both circuits at Kennedy Club Fitness in AG on Thursday mornings at 6am or 7:05am.  Let me know if you would like a spot!

Here is the schedule: (6am or 7:05am – 2 circuits)
Jan 9th
Jan 16th
Jan 23rd
Jan 30th
Feb 6th
Feb 13th
Feb 20th
Feb 27th

Punch card prices: (cards do not expire)
5 classes: $112.50 (member) 5 classes: $137.50(non-member)
10 classes: $225.00 (member) 10 classes: $275.00 (non-member)

The circuit begins with a dynamic warm-up followed by 1 minute heart pumping circuit intervals and rounded out with a few minutes of yoga.  It is designed to lean you down, increase your strength, make you a better athlete & shock your body each and every week.  All fitness levels are welcome!!

Confirm your spot: 
Kennedy front desk 805-481-2888
Amy Harper – 805-234-2780
OR amy@amyapproved.com

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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