A quick body weight circuit!

Hello everyone! This body weight circuit is perfect after a 30-45 min run, power walk, elliptical, bike ride etc. A reminder on your cardio to add in a little intensity. Try this:

10 min easy
1 min “hard” – out of breath
1 min “easy” – feel recovered and ready to rally on your “hard” minutes
(repeat the 1 / 1 combo for 10-15 minutes)
10 min easy

Body weight circuit:
Single Glut Bridges x 10 ea leg
Reverse Lunges x 20 (alternating legs)
Push-ups x 10
Reverse Crunches w/ Pelvic Tilt at the top x 20
Lateral Lunges x 10 ea leg
Tricep Push-ups x 10 (or chair dips)

perform 3-4 rounds of this circuit

Quick yoga:
Down dog (walk the dog)
Lunge a foot through and stretch back hip flexor (do each side)
Wide straddle – reach an arm for the ceiling & one on the ground
Wide straddle – reach around behind back
Quad stretch – both sides

KEEP MOVING during this crazy time. I am here for you!!!

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