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I CHALLENGE you to pack your lunch for 1 full week…

I CHALLENGE you to pack your lunch for 1 full week (5 business days).  If you go to lunch with a client I understand that you will eat the restaurants food (CLEAN GF choices) but if you go with an employee etc you CAN bring your food into a restaurant or choose to eat at home or office.

Please purchase this today (If you chose not to buy the dressing holder you can use a small glass container with a lid).

The night before please prep:
*1 big green salad (make it FUN like my salad in this link)

*Whip up the dressing in above link (It lasts in fridge for DAYS)

*Make one of the folllowing:
^Bake 2 sweet potatoes & store in glass container in fridge
^Make a batch of organic white or brown rice
^Bake 1 butternut squash

*Make up a mix of canned wild Salmon (I buy mine at Costco)
Here is what I love:
1 can wild salmon, Bubbies dill pickles, organic mustard, 1/2 avocado, celery & salt/pepper
Store the salmon in a glass container.  This will be enough for 2 lunches.

*Apples – have 5 in fridge ready to go

Workday morning:
Take your LARGE mason jar & put the sweet potato (rice or butternut squash) on the bottom (about 1/2 cup), shove the rest of the jar full of salad and 1/2 of the salmon mix you pre-made the night before on top.  Put the dressing into the holder and screw the lid on.  Grab an apple and you are on your way.  At lunch time pour in your dressing, shake & ENJOY!!!!  Eat the apple with your lunch.

It basically looks like THIS, but your starch will be at the bottom.

Are you up for this challenge??  Any questions??

Amy Approved = Creating Harmony Through Fitness & Whole Foods…

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My Morning Smoothie

1 banana
Frozen blueberries (prob about 3/4 cup)
1/2 cucumber
1 carrot
2 cups spinach
Small handful raw sunflower seeds
Coconut water (about 1/2 cup)

Serves 1.5 (Ben had small glass)

My little niece Ryah LOVES her morning green smoothie!!!!  (This photo was text to me this morning all the way from Alaska – LOVE)   I know hers had kale & a zest of frozen lemon. This is a GREAT way to sneak greens into your kids’ belly’s!!!


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Eat to Lean Down!

One of my idol’s, Dr Mark Hyman, was recently a guest on “Live with Kelly”.  He talked about which whole foods stabilize your blood sugar, keep your weight down and help to lean you down.  Here were the highlights:

  • Get rid of Metabolism blockers:
    • Don’t drink your calories (no juice, soda or alcohol)
    • UNJUNK your diet (no high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, artificial sweeteners, colors and MSG)
    • Eliminate inflammatory foods (gluten and dairy) for 2-3 weeks and see how you feel.
  • Add Metabolism boosters
    • Eat real food(veggies, fruit, beans, nuts, seeds, lean animal protein, small amounts of gluten free grains – black rice, quinoa)
    • Bulk up on crunchy veggies(broccoli, asparagus, artichokes, green beans, leafy greens, etc.)
    • Power up with Protein:Eat protein with each meal (eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, seeds)
    • Get an oil change:Speed up your metabolism with good fat including olive oil, small wild fish like sardines and salmon, and extra virgin coconut oil — My favorite is Artisina.
    • Add Sugar buster fibers called PGX.  You can also get it from special noodles called Shirataki made from Konjac root.  PGX is a great source of Glucomannan. Take it 15 minutes before meals.  It slows absorption of sugar and fat and lowers insulin levels and helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol and cuts your cravings and appetite and helps with weight loss
    • Grease up the wheels of your metabolism with Supplements.  Take a good multivitamin, fish oil and vitamin D every day.
    • Shake the weight off – start the day with morning protein shake – see recipe below the video.

To your good health

Mark Hyman, MD

Watch his video HERE!

Whole Food Protein Shake Recipe
4 oz Frozen wild or organic blueberries
2-3 tbsp hemp seed
2 tbsp chia seed
4 walnuts
3 Brazil nuts
Small handful of pumpkin seeds
1 tbsp Extra virgin coconut oil
2 tbsp almond butter
4 oz Unsweetened almond milk or hemp milk
1/2 Banana

Be sure to add enough water so that the smoothie is not so thick that it is hard to drink usually need to fill the liquid about an inch or two above the contents.

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