Amy’s Drink of Choice

Champagne & Coconut Vodka with a Twist of Lemon

YES you can have a drink or two & stay fit, strong & sexy! BUT you have to keep them clean. Skip the sugary fruity drinks & use lemon, lime & flavored vodka to spice it up!

1 x 6 oz bottle dry champagne
3 capfuls coconut Ciroc vodka
Big squeeze of lemon

Mix & enjoy!!!

Here is what I tell all of my clients: “If you are going to drink like a fish…Eat like a bird”!!! Protein & veggies ONLY! Skip the bread, potatoes, rice & other starches.

Filet & steamed broccoli
Salmon & garden salad
Chicken, salad with vinegar & steamed veggies


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  1. kali says:

    I’ll be making this this weekend!

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