We LOVE You Mel…

One of my dearest clients Mel Hunter lost his life to cancer this past week.  He is pictured on the far right and his beautiful wife Collen is right in front of him.  Six months ago he was kicking the butt of my 20 & 30 year olds.  Mel you are amazing!

Colleen and Mel hold a very special place in my heart.  They were the first clients to ever hire me back in 2001.  They took a chance on a brand new trainer and never looked back.  On their journey Mel lost over 40 pounds and Colleen more than that.  More than weight loss the two of them worked out TOGETHER.  So sweet…  Mel called me his drill sargent and up until his last days blamed his cancer on my kale smoothies 🙂  After each session he always thanked me and told me how great of trainer I was.  It is because of clients like Colleen & Mel that I wake up at 4:20am with enthusiasm.  I have learned more from them than they will ever know.  He always asked about Ben and said he was saint for marrying me 🙂  Boys stick together!

Mel I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been a part of your life.  I promise to take care of Colleen and keep her moving!  Rest in peace – this photo is for you because you always LIVED STRONG! XoXoXo


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