Homemade Coconut Date Rolls

I have been buying these for years and yesterday my Mom showed me how EASY it is to make them!!!  The only ingredients are dates & organic unsweetened coconut.  I always have dates on hand as I buy a big tub at Costco.  The coconut I buy at my local health food store or online at Iherb.com.
daterolls daterolls2 daterolls3
Take the dates & blend them in your food processor or Vitamix (I used my vitamix) until they are “mashed” up.  Put your coconut in a pie sheet.  Roll the dates into balls, roll them into the coconut and put them on wax paper.  I LOVE mine kept in the freezer so I took a big glass container, filled it up & put them in the freezer.  The mini balls are the perfect size treat!!!

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